Writing Program

Transitional Studies (TRS) Learning Outcomes

TRS 91:

Upon successful completion of TRS 91, students will:

  • Recognize the rhetorical nature of all texts
  • Develop writing as a process by prewriting; analyzing purpose, audience, and point of view; drafting; reading/reviewing drafts; revising; and editing for correctness
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic grammatical concepts to
    • construct grammatical sentences
    • write effective sentences
    • use effective words
    • use correct punctuation and mechanics
  • Demonstrate their ability to write a well developed essay (a minimum of 500 words) containing paragraphs with topic sentences and specific supporting details, and a conclusion. These goals will be accomplished as students learn to
    • develop levels of generality
    • choose and narrow a topic
    • structure an essay by developing an outline
    • construct thesis statements and topic sentences
    • collect ideas and support the topic sentence
  • Develop their critical thinking and reading skills through careful analysis of professional and student essays and other reading selections
  • Demonstrate the ability to achieve coherence in paragraphs and essays by
    • using connectors and transitions
    • using parallel structure
    • avoiding wordiness
    • choosing effective words