Writing Program

2012-2013 Common Reading Experience Themes

In 2012, groups of Writing Program faculty worked together to create resources related to themes in the 2012-2013 Common Reading Experience book, The Heart and the Fist.

Please use these resources freely and if you have resources you would like to share and/or add to this page, send an email to Breeah Kinsella at BTKINSELLA@FORTLEWIS.EDU.

Agonism: A bibliography created by Cathy Hartney and Kate Pritchard on the topic of agonism. Click here for a PDF copy.

Cultural contexts: Created by Ana Hale and Jillian Wenburg, this list of resources focuses on micro-themes within the book (Bolivia and Rwanda) and includes films, books and articles, interviews, and websites. Click here for a PDF copy.

Heroes: This bibliography, created by Felicia Meyer and Ayla Moore, incorporates a variety of media, including movies, interviews, websites, and print materials. Click here for a PDF copy.

Public service: The following list of resources from Michelle Bonanno, Lauren Delle, and Gretchen Treadwell focuses on public service, community leadership, and community based learning and research. Click here for a PDF copy.

Humanitarianism and peace-making: Bridget Irish and Molly Costello composed this bibliography of sources on humanitarianism and peace-making. Click here for a PDF copy.