Mark Brenden
Mark Brenden




University of Minnesota—Twin Cities




South Dakota State University

Mark hails from the rolling prairies of eastern South Dakota, where you can often see ten miles any direction you look. The wide-openness of the plains encouraged him to maintain an open mind, which has in turn informed his teaching. He believes that writing classes double as critical-thinking classes, and he instructs his students to challenge established norms and to wrestle with complex ideas in their writing. Mark wrote his Master’s thesis on Western films released in the 2000s decade, examining the way they reflected, analyzed, and subverted the “cowboy rhetoric” prevalent in the era’s politics. After previously living in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wyoming, he now resides in Durango and enjoys reading books, watching Westerns, and listening to old country music.

Office: Jones 116
Phone: (970) 382-6940