Ana Hale

Senior Lecturer of Writing

Ana's academic interests include literature and writing of all sorts, particularly poetry and academic writing. She is also passionately interested in history and critical multicultural studies. She believes that most Americans would benefit greatly from education in the field of critical multicultural studies. There continues to be a huge racial divide in this country, one which most white people are unaware of, a divide which discriminates, separates and limits many people's freedom to live fully and to self-actualize. Racism and intolerance are crippling to individuals and to the nation as a whole, and must not be allowed to persist.

Ana's other interests include travel, camping, hiking (especially in southern Utah, the Southwest and the West), horses, music, dance, museums, reading, metaphysics, film, birds, learning new things, and archaeology, to name some!

BA  1971 English University of California, Berkley
MS  2005 Writing and Literature Utah State University


Office: Jones 118
Phone: (970) 247-7217