Adjunct Instructor of Writing

Doug just recently joined the staff of the FLC Writing Program after a year of teaching rhetoric and writing at San Juan College. Following a few years working in chemical research, he went back to school and gained a Bachelor's Degree in Education, then his Master's Degree in Divinity, which focused heavily on classical rhetorical training. Now, after years of involvement in rhetorical practices, Doug has discovered the joyful challenge of teaching writing with creative students.

Along the way, Doug has gained an understanding in systems theories, and applied this knowledge to everything from famly counseling to strategic management development and professional development coaching. Besides having been a photographer with professional experience, Doug is an avid woodworker, with a small business which has him shipping high-end custom furniture literally across the country. He has been seriously into a marriage of more than four decades, with four children and six grandchildren. He designed and built his own house, and helped many others with theirs. Hiking, fly-fishing, and cross-country skiing are among his outdoor hobbies.



Office: 137 Jones
Phone: (970) 247-7099