Galaxies are huge islands of stars separated by even larger volumes of empty space in the universe. We live in one of these galaxies, the Milky Way, and all individual stars we can see in the night sky are part of our own galaxy. This pages links to a collection of images of other galaxies. They typically contain hundreds of billions of stars surrounding a massive central black hole, and may be many millions of light years away. Galaxy types include elliptical, spiral, barred spiral and irregular. More details about the different galaxy types are included on the individual image pages.

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

October 2011


September 2008

M66 Group (Leo Trio)

January 2012


October 2010

M81 group

February 2012

M82 - Cigar Galaxy

December 2008

M95 with SN2012aw

March 2012


April 2010


June 2010


May 2010

M105 Group

September 2008


June 2008


June 2008

M86 - Virgo Cluster

January 2012

NGC 891

October 2008

NGC 3628

May 2012

NGC 7331

November 2012

NGC 7479 with SN2009jf

October 2009