Journey beyond the expected

Illustration of blue and white pattern like ocean waves
Detail from 'The Immeasurable' by Karen Kunc, woodcut on Okawara paper

At the center of the Art Hall is the Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. The Gallery brings local, regional and national exhibitions to the campus, providing students and classes with an important research tool. The Art Gallery is part of the educational program at Fort Lewis College. The gallery provides exposure to diverse works of art and ranges of artistic expression representing multiple art forms, styles, periods, purposes, and locales. Through its exhibition of contemporary art, the gallery explores the artistic process as well as its products. The gallery works in conjunction with the art program and other academic programs to show how art functions in a cultural context, whether contemporary or historical. Many student shows are also scheduled throughout the year, including the Senior Art Majors Exhibition and the Annual Juried Student Exhibition. In addition to the main gallery, students also exhibit work in the "Exit Gallery", an intimate exhibition space located in the southwest corner of the art building.

About the space

The Art Gallery has approximately 130 lineal feet of display area, and is divided into a central gallery and two smaller adjacent wings. Clerestory windows located approximately 30 feet above the central gallery allow natural light to flood the gallery. Alternately, specially fitted blinds can block the natural light if a more controlled environment is desired.

Gallery Management

The Gallery Management course is an upper division course offered through the Department of Art & Design. This internship, in association with the Art Gallery, allows students to experience all aspects of gallery work, from developing publicity to designing and installing the exhibitions.

Contact Information

Art Gallery
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301

Main Office: 970-247-7167
Gallery Director: 970-247-7283

Gallery Hours

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Monday - Thursday