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FLC signs City of Durango's Civility First Pledge

FLC signs City of Durango's Civility First Pledge

The pledge program aligns with FLC's Common Ground in encouraging the community to model civil behavior and tone, and respect others. 

Fort Lewis College has joined the more than 60 businesses and organizations across Durango that have signed the City of Durango’s Civility First Pledge. Civility First is a volunteer pledge program initiated by the Durango Community Relations Commission in early 2019. This program is designed to encourage businesses, organizations, and individuals to model civil behavior and tone, and to promote respect for diversity for residents and visitors who live, work, shop, and play in Durango.
“As an institution of learning we play an especially important role in creating inclusive environments and discussions for students and employees. We’re glad to be partnering with the Commission to amplify these efforts throughout Durango, ” said President Tom Stritikus.
The Civility Pledge underpins FLC’s Common Ground. Common Ground is a network of facilitators trained in bias awareness, who promote recognizing one’s own identity to understand the challenges of others and combat discrimination on micro and macro levels. The Common Ground Values Statement, endorsed in 2011 by ASFLC and the President's Cabinet, encourages the FLC community to inspire and respect each other.
“We are pleased to see Fort Lewis College join the list of Civility First Durango Pledge participants. Fort Lewis College’s values of supporting respectful dialogue, promoting programs that encourage all members of their community and a commitment to civility and diversity makes Durango a great place to live,” said Durango Mayor Melissa Youssef.
The CRC and Civility First Pledge aim to support, promote, and link business and individuals with local organizations working to eliminate discrimination through education, diversity training, cultural events, and more. President Stritikus signed the Pledge last Tuesday with the Durango Community Relations Committee Chair Lexie Stetson-Lee.
“Durango’s Community Relations Commission is honored to learn from and partner with Fort Lewis College’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. The CRC’s mission is to promote social harmony, and this is a step in this direction,” said Stetson-Lee.
For more information about the City of Durango’s Community Relations Commission, or to take the Civility First Durango Pledge yourself, please visit  

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