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Cheers to Science

Besides serving as an age-old (and age-appropriate) collegiate pastime, alcoholic spirits are also propelling a few Fort Lewis...

Skiing for NASA

In a unique scientific partnership with NASA’s SnowEx field campaign, FLC interns clicked into skis once a week and...


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Student news briefs

Victoria Cannon

In a digital story from The University of Arizona, Fort Lewis College Sociology & Human Services major Victoria Cannon explains how she chose her path to pursue social services work, how she wants to use her knowledge to help her family and community, and what it means to be an indigenous person with a disability seeking higher education.

From Colorado to Glasgow: Student activists join world leaders at COP26 summit on climate change

College students from across Colorado and at Fort Lewis College are becoming increasingly conscious of looming environmental crises. By pressuring their elected officials, composting their dining hall waste, or participating in e-bike lending programs, students are doing what they can to fight climate change.

Native American theatre

Tyler Gleason (DinĂ©), a senior majoring in K-12 Education, will be directing a play in the Fort Lewis College “Native American Stories For All Ages” fall program. From October 15 through 23, Gleason will be helming the production of Chief Tender-Foot, originally penned by Indigenous playwright Annawyn Shamas.

Nina Polk

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indigenous women are striving to achieve their academic goals. Nina Polk, who was a first-year at Fort Lewis College last year, spoke to Colorado Public Radio and The Hechinger Report about the challenges she faced as a new college student during the pandemic.

Salt Lake Tribune op-ed

In a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, Laci Begaye, a senior majoring in English Secondary Education, argues against the use of heavily mechanized land-management techniques. Advocating for minimally invasive, hands-on techniques, Begaye implores the next generation of land stewards to preserve the ancestral integrity of public lands in perpetuity.


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