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Fort Lewis College expands FLC Tuition Promise for in-state low-income families

The program will now cover tuition for students whose families earn less than $70,000

DURANGO—In an effort to increase college accessibility for Colorado families, Fort Lewis College is expanding its FLC Tuition Promise, covering tuition for students in Colorado whose family income is less than $70,000. Previously the benefit was available for families earning less than $65,000. 

The program’s expansion is possible thanks to an anonymous gift to the President’s Impact Fund, said FLC President Tom Stritikus.

“FLC wants to make sure that every student in Colorado, regardless of their family’s income, has the opportunity to attend college,” he said. “Unrestricted gifts like this allow us to leverage other forms of support to help students maximize their financial aid to ensure they graduate with as little debt as possible.” 

The award is a combination of federal, state, and institutional grants and institutional scholarships. If they don’t cover the full cost of tuition, FLC funds are awarded to meet 100% of the student’s share of in-state tuition.

To qualify, students must be seeking their first bachelor’s degree and must be enrolled in college full-time, must be Colorado residents for tuition purposes, complete the FAFSA, apply for the College Opportunity Fund, and have a complete financial aid file by Census Date for full consideration. ASSET students must complete the CASFA.

Students must maintain good satisfactory academic progress to renew the award. They are responsible for additional expenses such as student fees, room and board, books, etc. Since it was started in 2019, the FLC Tuition Promise has helped 159 students.

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