Cultivate your farming future in the Four Corners

Farming at the Old Fort Lewis

Are you poised to take the next step toward your dream of operating a sustainable farm in Southwest Colorado? Since 2013, the Old Fort Market Garden Incubator Program has paved the way for aspiring farmers like you.

With our comprehensive approach, we provide educational classes, vital resources like land and water access, and essential infrastructure—including irrigation systems, harvest sheds, coolers, and root cellars. Plus, you'll receive invaluable marketing assistance to get your produce to the people who most need it.

Incubator farmers work together in the "incubator field," running independent businesses and sharing infrastructure and knowledge. Start with a plot size ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 acre in your first year and grow your business from there.

About the program

Our mission is clear: to offer an innovative entry point for beginning farmers in the Four Corners region, equipping you with the support services and skills necessary for a flourishing agricultural career.

Over the years, we've seen more than a dozen graduates from our program successfully branch out with their businesses or continue to make impactful strides in food and farming.

Who we're looking for

This program is tailored for individuals with a solid farming foundation, particularly in climates similar to high-elevation desert farming. You're an ideal candidate if you're self-motivated, work well independently or with a partner, and are driven to establish a farm business that will thrive in the Four Corners region and possibly even further afield.

If you're new to farming but eager to learn, our FIT program is worth exploring.

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Apply today!

We welcome 1-4 new incubator farms each growing season. Applications are due in December or January, so don't wait to take this transformative step in your farming journey.

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For more information, email Elicia Whittlesey.