Availability for educational institutions

We offer our spaces for educational use free of charge. Educational groups not associated with Fort Lewis College and non-educational groups must provide proof of event insurance.

Spaces for rent

If one of our spaces suits your event, please fill out our rental interest form to start your reservation. Please note that educational use must be approved by Old Fort staff and all uses will be booked as availability allows.

Farmer Training Yurt

Reserve our cozy, rustic yurt for workshops, retreats, classes, or small gatherings. Available seasonally from April through October, the yurt’s circular space creates a serene and comfortable space for connection.

The yurt is equipped to preserve the spacious feel and offers AV equipment, including a large screen, tables, and folding chairs. The yurt is available for $25/hour for non-educational use.

Old Fort yurt

Historic Library

Step back in time and host your next workshop, meeting, or small event in our charming historic library. The library’s timeless ambiance provides a unique and inspiring setting for gatherings of all kinds.

Equipped with modern AV equipment, including a large screen, tables, and folding chairs, the library offers a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary convenience. Please inquire about rates.

Old Fort yurt

Picnic Area

Enjoy the great outdoors by reserving our picturesque picnic grounds for your next gathering. Ideal for family reunions, casual get-togethers, or relaxed retreats, our picnic area offers a beautiful natural setting.

The picnic grounds feature an outdoor, stone fireplace, a seating area, and large a covered concrete pad. Please inquire about rates.

Old Fort yurt


Who needs event insurance

If you are a Fort Lewis College department, class, or registered student organization (RSO), you do not need event insurance.

If you are an educational organization outside of Fort Lewis College, or a non-educational group, event insurance is required.

Why is event insurance necessary?

The Old Fort cannot assume liability for non-Fort Lewis College events. Event insurance protects organizers from financial liability in case of accidents, injuries, or property damage that may occur during the event.

A certificate of insurance ($1M) with FLC and the State Land Board listed as additional insured is required for any event that has more than 10 people or plan on allowing alcohol. An accord certificate of insurance must be given to the site administrator prior to the event. For private individuals, check with your homeowners insurance provider.

If the User will be supplying alcoholic beverages, the User shall obtain a general liability insurance policy that includes host liquor liability coverage. If the User does not obtain such general liability insurance policy with host liquor liability coverage, then or no alcohol can be served.

An educational event is any organized gathering or activity designed to impart knowledge, skills, or information to participants. These events can take various forms, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, field trips, or hands-on demonstrations. The primary goal of educational events is typically to enhance understanding, promote learning, or develop specific competencies in participants.

Examples of educational events include:

  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Classes

A non-educational event is any organized gathering or activity that does not primarily focus on imparting knowledge, skills, or information to participants. Instead, these events are typically oriented towards entertainment, socializing, networking, promotion, or other non-educational purposes.

Examples of non-educational events include:

  • Parties (birthday, engagement)
  • Reunions
  • Fundraisers

After submitting your rental interest form, Old Fort staff will follow up with you as soon as possible via email. Once confirming dates and availability, they will provide insurance information (as needed) and forms to finalize the process.

The Old Fort

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Land Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge the land that the Old Fort is situated upon is the ancestral land and territory of the Nuuchiu (Ute) people who were forcibly removed by the United States Government. We also acknowledge that this land is connected to the communal and ceremonial spaces of the Jicarilla Abache (Apache), Pueblos of New Mexico, Hopi Sinom (Hopi), and Diné (Navajo) Nations.

The Old Fort and Fort Lewis College are committed to reconciling their history as a federal Indian Boarding School from 1892 to 1909.

Learn more about reconciliation

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The Old Fort is owned by the Colorado State Land Board and managed by Fort Lewis College.

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