Information used to compile this website was found...

In the following books:

  • Sacred Trust- The Birth and Development of Fort Lewis College by Duane A. Smith - 1991
  • Blue Coats, Red Skins & Black Gowns- 100 years of Fort Lewis by Robert W. Delaney-1977

NOTE: If you are interested in obtaining a copy of these books, you can contact La Plata County Historical Society in Durango, CO. They have some copies of these out-of-print books. Their number is 970-259-2402.

At the following locations:

  • Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO
  • Animas Museum (La Plata County Historical Society) in Durango, CO, 970-259-2402

Special thanks to:

  • Fort Lewis College Summer Institute and coordinator Alan Greenwood
  • Dr. Phil Shuler and Donna Giersch for sharing their Front Page knowledge.
  • Dr. David Schafer, Manager of CSU-Ag Experiment Station (SJBRC) from 1990 until 2000.
  • Todd Ellison, Duane Smith, Catherine Conrad and the rest of the Center of Southwest Studies staff.
  • Robert McDaniels and Charlie at Animas Museum