Relive the history of the "old fort" by taking this virtual walking tour through history and into the present day.

Remnants of the Military Fort (1880 - 1891)

While the large cottonwoods that originally surrounded the parade grounds are gone, one can easily see the 500 by 150 yard parade grounds. A rifle range used by the troops and 3 other buildings remain from the military fort. The buildings are presently known as the food storage building, sale/horse barn and granary.

Remnants of the Indian Boarding School (1891 - 1910)

Only two buildings are known to exist that were built during the Indian School time period. The west side of the modern office and the NE corner of the manager's house were built during this time period. While we do not have any pictures of the original structures, the buildings were modified and updated over the last 100 years.

Remnants of the Fort Lewis High School and Fort Lewis A&M

Additional Remnants in 1998