Historical progression of Greenhouses

strawbale greenhouse

This is the original glass greenhouse constructed at the 'old fort' in the early 1920s. It was moved to Durango in 1957 where it sat until the mid 1980s.

Meanwhile, back at the 'old fort', another greenhouse was being constructed on a new foundation. This newer greenhouse was moved intact to Rogers Mesa Research Center in Hotchkiss, CO where it stands today.

Photo courtesy of Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies

In 1997 a strawbale greenhouse was constructed on the foundation of the second greenhouse. It was used by FLC students and community members to start plants until 2012.

constructing strawbale greenhouse

In 2017, the strawbale greenhouse was torn down and replaced with a 30' long metal hoop house. The hoops were bent with a Johnny's quick hoop bender and the grower's resources were used to assist with calculating the construction costs. This information can be found at their website.