Induction of calving with corticosteroids

Title Author/Year
Comparative feedlot performance of individually fed purebred  
Hereford steers of comprest and conventional type J.E. Ingalls (48)
A comparison of comprest and conventional types of Hereford steers as evaluated by body and carcass measures C.F. Safley (49)
Relationship of thyroid, adrenal and pituitary weights to body development in comprest and conventional types of fat Hereford steers K. Lucas (50)
Variations in the characteristics of carcasses from comprest and conventional types of Hereford steers E.W. Schleicher (50)
Heritability of Hereford hair color and correlation between color and performance C.F. Hellstrom (51)
A selection index for Hereford feeder calves based upon optimum weighting of genetic and economic variation in weaning weights L.A. Holland (51)
Environmental and genetic effects on the weaning weight of Hereford calves J.B. Burgess (53)
Effect of age on reproduction in beef cattle L.R. Burke (54)
Association between inbreeding and antigen occurrence on Hereford cattle N.S. Kushwaha (55)
The genetic and phenotypic relationship between estimation of fat deposition in Hereford beef steers W.C. Behrens (55)
Selection indices for beef cattle, incorporating the genetic and economic importance of various traits Lindholm (56)
The combining abilities of 12 inbred lines of Hereford cattle O'Bleness (56)
The relationship of lumbar spine radiographs, body measurements and scores to dwarfism in Hereford calves M.B. Hughes (56)
Rates of gains in Hereford bulls as effected by line, age, weight, years, pens, stall position and weaning grade D.B. Moore (58)
Relationship between mature size, daily gain and efficiency of feed utilization in beef cattle C.R. Lickley (60)
Heritability of characteristics of the mammary system of Hereford cows B.W. Knapp (62)
A study of factors which affect feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of beef heifers L.E. Orme (63)
Weaning weights of Hereford, Angus and their reciprocal crosses V.P. Cornforth (63)
The effect of inbreeding and environmental factors on the weaning weight and post weaning growth of range Hereford cattle G.O. Harwin (63)
The effect of environmental factors on beef cattle in Colorado C.R. Cooper (64)
Title/Category Author/Data Years
Genetic Study on Udder Shape 61
Estimated Breeding Soundness in Yearling bulls as affected by hereditary factors James McNitt 55-65
Testicular growth and semen traits in beef bulls P.T. Fagerlin 69-70
Heritability of semen traits in beef bulls J.S. Brinks, D. Abadia 57-70
Aspects of cattle sperm cell morphology W.L. Mangus, E. Mukasa-Mugerwa 72-74
Aspects of puberty in yearling heifers M.J. McInerney 71-76
Libido, Serving Capacity and Breeding Soundness in Beef bulls P.J. Chenoweth, B. Abbitt, M.J. McInerney 76
Relationship of age at puberty in heifers to reproduction traits in young bulls M.J. McInerney, P.J. Chenoweth, W.L. Mangus 72-74, 76
Relationship of age at puberty in heifers to subsequent fertility and productivity J.F. Werre 71-71 and 75-78
Placental traits as measures of calf and dam productivity C.C. Sheldon 83
Estimation of heritabilities of pelvic measures in beef cattle R.D. Green 80-83
The relationship of sire scrotal circumference on offspring reproduction and subsequent productivity B.A. Smith-LaShell 68-83 (bulls) , 71-73,75-81(heifers)
Effects of age, breed and weight on BSEs S.T. Hughes 79-84
Relationship of semen vesicle size and measures of libido in yearling bulls W.C. Russell
Genetic parameters of reproductive traits in beef cows D.W. Bailey 68-82
Genetics of seminal traits in young beef bulls D. Abadia
Evaluation of effects of selection J.B. Armstrong 46-62
Effect of selection for growth rate on carcass traits G.L. Richardson
General and specific combining abilities of inbred Hereford lines P.W. Grapevine 46-70
Response to selection in a linecross herd of Hereford cattle L.N. Nwakalor 46-71
Selection intensity and response in inbred and linecross populations of Hereford cattle L.N. Nwakalor
Genetic response to selection Benson
Effect of precipitation on calf weaning weights  
PAP and weight relationships in cattle J.S. Brinks, D.H. Will 75
The heritability of pulmonary hypertension in beef cattle S.B. LeValley 75
Genetic aspects of high mountain disease in beef cattle J.G. Schimmel 78
Heritability and repeatability of PAP in beef cows J.G. Schimmel 78-80
Heritability and relationship of PAP with pre and post weaning performance traits in yearling beef bulls J.G. Schimmel 74-80
Beef calf losses as influenced by mating system, sex and age Larry Theurer 51-65
Summary of line and linecross performance of bulls R.W. Sutton and J.S. Brinks 62-66
Summary of line and linecross performance of bulls and cow productivity J.E. Olson 65-68
Inbreeding and mating system by environment interactions in beef cattle D.G. Keller 65-69
Heterosis in weights of Hereford females Y. Ferjani 46-74
Changes in genetic variances with increased inbreeding of beef cattle W.C. Russell 47-76
Mating system by environment interaction T. Elfellah
Repeatability of gain and efficiency of bulls on test C.G. Hoff 56-75
Genetic aspects of feed efficiency A.C. Linton 56-75
The relationship of weight and height to beef cow productivity W.G. Hays 71-73
Relationships of weights and measurements of performance tested bulls W.L Mangus 77-79
Relationships among the growth curve parameters and productivity traits in beef cattle R.S. Kersey DeNise 68-77
Predicting Breeding Values W.L. Mangus
EPDs and EBVs of beef bulls M.E. Davis 46-76
Predicting maternal breeding values J.R. Fletcher 47-76
Selection and concurrent inbreeding in simulated beef herds M.E. Davis
Optimal replacement rates for genetic improvement in beef cattle R.M. Bourdon
Simulated effects of genotype on beef production efficiency R.M. Bourdon
Relationship between direct and maternal effects on growth in Herefords W. Hohenboken
Effect of age of dam on Weaning weight and Yearling weight  
The effect of season of birth of calf on Weaning weights and cow production D.L. Morrow 48-67
Factors affecting beef cow productivity W.L. Mangus 46-65
Perinatal effects on Weaning weight of calf and rebreeding of dam J.M. Childears 70
Creep feeding bull calves on oak brush range A.H. Denham, W.A. Confer 74
Effects of early weaning v/s normal weaning on first-calf heifer production W.L. Mangus 72-73
Effects of creep feeding bull calves on Dam MPPA values P.G. Ochoa 69-73
The effects of sex, age of dam and line of breeding on Birth weight R.P. Posegate 68, 70-79
Feasibility of delayed weaning W.C. Asbury 84
Effect of time of weighing on Birth weight J. Walck, J.A. Vicklund 84
Factors associated with calving difficulty J.S. Brinks and J.E. Olson  51-68
Milk production in first calf Hereford heifers D. Abadia 64-66
P.T. Fagerlin 72-73
Embryo loss in beef cows W.G. Hays 72-73
Breeding by hand-mating v/s AI in synchronization of estrus program with beef heifers J.E. Pexton 76
A comparison of three methods, of assessing sex-drive in yearling bulls P.J. Chenoweth  76
Sex drive in beef bulls in relation to social dominance, performance test results and seminal vesicle size A.G. Ologun, P.J. Chenoweth and M.E. Davis 77
Comparison of Alfaprostol plus Norgestomet to Syncro-mate B for estrus synchronization L.N. Brown 84
Effectiveness of Norgestomet-Alfaprostol or Syncro-Mate B in synchronizing estrus in beef cows M.E. King 86
Research bulls tested on commercial ranch C.R. Benson 70
Ocular lesions and cancer eye in Hereford cattle W.C. Russell 69-73
Genetic aspects of hoof growth in beef cattle J.S. Brinks, M.E. Davis 78
Methionine hydroxy analog fed to beef cows A.H. Denham, W. L. Mangus 78
Performance of SJBRC Hereford bulls in AHA National sire evaluation program K.L. Long
Genetic aspects of ocular pigmentation in Hereford cattle J.C. Pounds 79
The influence of stocking rate on animal performance L.E. Bartel, A.H. Denham and L.R. Rittenhouse 77-83
Comparison of bull and heifer carcasses Glen Richardson 62-64
Progeny test result for feedlot gain and carcass traits A.C. Linton 66-69
Post weaning growth and carcass performance of station lines C.R. Benson 61-71