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FLC Voices
The biannual magazine of Fort Lewis College

Water in the West: FLC researchers inform river managers

Water in the West: FLC researchers inform river managers

Maddie Sanders headshot


"Art helps people in their day-to-day lives.... It can bring a community together, create conversation, and even boost people’s lives. It can bring back memories and create new ones, too.”

Maddie Sanders
Communication Design, '21

Maddie Sanders reclaims her roots
Bridget Groat headshot


"Can salmon people still be salmon people if they aren't allowed to fish in water that legally belongs to them?”

Bridget Groat
Visiting professor of Native American & Indigenous Studies and History

Bridget Groat: swimming upstream
Beverly Maxwell headshot


"It's a rich heritage that the dollar can't match, being able to grow your own chemical-free food, to hop on your horse and ride out your backyard, to help out and learn from other farmers and ranchers. It's a difficult way of life but it's also beautiful.”

Beverly Maxwell
Environmental Biology, '08

Beverly Maxwell stays the course
Laura Scull headshot


"It's so good to have a group of students that really want to learn and are willing to put in the time outside of classes. They do it for the pure joy of discovery, and that’s why I came here to teach.”

Laura Scull
Professor of Mathematics

Laura Scull: FLC's featured scholar brings undergraduates a taste of rare mathematics research
Ryan Lazo headshot

Friends & Donors

"I get to serve the institution that gave so much to me and provided a place where I could make a difference as a student.”

Ryan Lazo
Director of Alumni Engagement

Lazo-focused: FLC welcomes (back) new director of Alumni Engagement
Melissa Mount headshot

Friends & Donors

"I love getting at the heart of what motivates people, helping them articulate what problems they want to confront, and then matching them with opportunities to get involved through volunteerism and philanthropy.”

Melissa Mount
Vice President of Advancement

New VP of Advancement is off to the races

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