The history of Fort Lewis College is interwoven with the history and people of southwest Colorado and the Four Corners area - it is unique among the educational institutions in this country. It is the history of this institution that has shaped the college that overlooks Durango today and serves thousands of students every year.

Fort Lewis College exists to provide the same exceptional educational opportunities to every student who walks through the doors of any campus building.

Honor & respect

Preceding on-campus events, the following land acknowledgment is read for guests, to honor and respect the land on which we gather:

"I would like to start by acknowledging that the land we gather on today, at Fort Lewis College, is the ancestral lands and territories of Nuchu (Ute), Apache, the Pueblos, Hopi, Zuni, and the Diné Nation. We think it is important to provide this acknowledgment because the narratives of this land and region have long been told from one dominant perspective, without full acknowledgment of the tribes who lived on this land before it was Fort Lewis College. Thank you for your attention and respect in acknowledging this important history."