Welcome to Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research - original work done by students and mentored by faculty - allows students to develop creativity, analysis, problem-solving, communication skills, and independent thought. These are the same skills that employers say that they want from college graduates, and are the reason why undergraduate research is considered a "high-impact practice" in higher education.

At Fort Lewis College, students can learn by doing at many stages of their college career. Most seniors complete capstone projects that might include working with a faculty member to understand the ancient volcanoes of the San Juan Mountains, exploring the relationship between history of uranium mining and the establishment of Canyonlands National Park, or writing and producing a new theatrical performance. Students can receive academic credit for independent work during the school year, or may work with a faculty member on summer research. Every spring, a selection of students present their work at the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Symposium, and can submit their work to be published through the online journal, Metamorphosis. Many students present their work at professional conferences within their majors.

On these pages, you can find information about grants for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (awarded each fall and spring), about summer research opportunities, and about the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. More information about faculty/student research can be found on departmental web pages.