In our nature to go further

Whether you choose to study Business, Chemistry, or Gender & Sexuality Studies, one thing is true across programs at FLC: you don’t have to compete to be seen. Small class sizes mean that your professors are accessible. You have a quick question, raise your hand; you want a longer conversation, drop in at office hours. Your faculty is here for you.

Liberal Arts Core Concentration

Additionally, you have the option of choosing a Liberal Arts Core Concentration, which makes the connections across disciplines clear and explicit, and packages them into a credential that speaks to future employers.

Graduate level research opportunities

Students and faculty engaged in field research

Your faculty are committed to your education, so FLC feels like a teaching college. And it is. But your faculty are also engaged in important research. Combine this, and you have the opportunity to do graduate-level research with direct faculty oversight while you’re still an undergrad. That puts you head and shoulders above the rest when you apply to graduate school or to work as a researcher.

Students are the heart of FLC. You bring the richness and create the culture of our campus community. It's your uniqueness as individuals that cultivate that richness. To support your success, we offer a variety of services and programs from tutoring in specific subject areas, to accommodations for specific needs, to peer tutoring.

Support centers

1 college, 3 schools

FLC’s academics are organized into three schools. The departments comprising our liberal arts curriculum, what you might think of as the classic college subjects, are in the School of Arts & Sciences. Our progressive teacher education programs, including classroom and Adventure Education, are in their own school, as are our innovative business programs rooted in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and a future-oriented vision.

School of Arts & Sciences

You’ll find most academic departments here, from Psychology to English to Physics & Engineering. These departments offer majors, minors, and certificates in over 40 programs, some of which are multidisciplinary, like Forensic Studies, which is a collaboration between the Anthropology, Biology, and Psychology departments.

School of Arts & Sciences
School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration (SOBA) offers six majors and minors, and two certificate programs, for specialized interests within the world of business. You’ll have the chance to compete to win a store and opportunities to win seed money to start your own business.

School of Business Administration
School of Education

The Four Corners’ hub of teacher education, our programs prepare you for teacher licensure or elevate your existing license. Combine an undergraduate major with teacher education to streamline your path to teaching high school, follow up your undergraduate education in a post-baccalaureate program, or continue into graduate school to earn your Special Education endorsement.

School of Education