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Students conducting forensic research

Research happens in all fields across the FLC campus, whether you major in the sciences, arts, humanities, education, or business. As a student at FLC, you have unparalleled opportunities to conduct original research. While large universities are often known as research institutions, direct participation in research and faculty mentorship is typically reserved for graduate students. Not so at FLC. Here you get to design your projects, or support faculty on theirs, working directly with them and learning from their expertise.

In the process, you’ll develop creativity and independent thought, while learning to ask questions, problem-solve, analyze, and effectively communicate your findings to others--all of which are great skills whatever career path you choose. In addition, by engaging in undergraduate research, you will have opportunities to write grants and present your findings on campus and at local, regional, or national conferences.

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Mentorship & support for you

Undergraduate Research Support Coordinator

Dr. Christine Smith, Undergraduate Research Support Coordinator

Hi, I am Christine! I'm available as a resource to you as you get involved in undergraduate research. Call on me for support and mentorship including:

  • Brainstorming and talking about your areas of research interest
  • Connecting you with a mentor who can help you design and execute projects
  • Grant applications to support your project or travel to conferences
  • Preparing a poster or oral presentation
  • Crafting an elevator pitch for your project
  • Creating a research e-portfolio that you can share with future employers

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Capstone project

You’ll learn by doing at many stages in your time at FLC. Most seniors complete capstone projects such as working with a faculty member to understand the ancient volcanoes of the San Juan Mountains, exploring the relationship between the history of uranium mining and the establishment of Canyonlands National Park, or writing and producing a new theatrical performance.

Share your research

Every spring, a selection of students present their work at the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Symposium, and can submit their work to be published through the online journal, Metamorphosis.

Grants for students of color

Research is impacted by the researcher. In an effort to increase the breadth and diversity of researchers’ backgrounds, and create a more inclusive scientific knowledge base, a variety of grant and scholarship opportunities are available to students of color.


Colorado Alliance of Minority Participation

CO-AMP offers mini-grants to assist with:

Research expenses and on campus-housing
Graduate school and exam fees
Travel support to academic and professional conferences

CO-AMP website

Maximizing Access to Research Careers

Faculty mentors at FLC train a small group of highly qualified junior and senior under-represented students in an honors program strong in research opportunities and science curriculum for careers in biomedical or behavioral science research.

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Pathways to Science

Institute for Broadening Participation

Pathways to Scient supports students of underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields with programs, funding, mentoring and other resources.

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