What is accreditation and why is Fort Lewis College preparing to dedicate so much time and effort to earn it?

Accreditation is a mark of excellence for colleges and universities across the country. It is a rigorous test of quality where schools must prove that the education they provide is top-notch. Accreditation is also a reassurance to students that the degree they earn is valuable and will serve them well in their futures.

Accreditation is a badge that schools wear proudly because it is not easily obtained. The accreditation process examines every aspect of an institution and demands proof that what an institution provides is of high quality. As a result, achieving accreditation is a lengthy, involved process, calling for the dedication and hard work of faculty, staff, and students, as well as the College’s friends and supporters from the community.

In an increasingly complex world, the need for a highly educated citizenry is more important than ever. Colleges and universities need to show that the education they provide is worth the investment their students make. Through this accreditation process, the goal is to show what I firmly believe: that a degree from Fort Lewis College is not only worthwhile, but of exceptional value to the students who earn it.

Working together, I know we can be successful in our accreditation efforts. Through this process, we can shine a light on just how remarkable this school is, as well as make Fort Lewis College an even better institution moving forward.


Barbara Morris
Provost, Fort Lewis College