Welcome parents and families

It's our goal to enhance the family experience as we work together in the support of our students.

Our programs for parents and families include New Student & Family Orientation that happens just before the start of the Fall term. We also offer our Family Weekend that occurs in October. 

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For more information about these programs, or if you need help navigating the campus' system, please email Jeff Dupont, Dean of Student Engagement.

Parents & Families Blog

Homesick at college

Homesick at college

Getting started at college is an enormous adjustment for students. It’s typical to feel lonely, nervous, scared, and sad right alongside feeling thrilled, hopeful, free, and empowered. 

When your student leaves for college

When your student leaves for college

What to expect when the nest empties out

Whether you were counting down the days or biting your nails in dread, it impacts a family when your child leaves for college—when they become less a “child” and more of a “student.” This changes the day-to-day of your life; it changes the relationships between...
Four Steps to Career Readiness

Four Steps to Career Readiness

Find a job with your degree

"How has Career Services prepared my student for this ever-changing workforce?” As I was looking their student up in our employment platform, I told each of the parents that it is never too late to meet with Career Services, even if their student was graduating that day.

Keeping you connected

The college years are big years in a person's life--and they're big years in the life and story of a family. Staying connected is important--for your student while they're on campus, and for your family while your student is away from home.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a fun and festive opportunity to connect with your student in their new home-away-from-home. Let them show you around campus and Durango as they've come to know it, and begun to make it their own. Meet their friends and their friends' families. Come be part of our FLC community yourself.

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Orientation is an action-packed introduction to campus and to life at FLC. We'll help your student make their initial connections with other new students through fun and informative events. They'll become familiar with campus dining, housing, and other life essentials, as well as student clubs, health and wellness, and the parts of campus life that inspire and invigorate.

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Even a small college campus is a big institution with a lot of moving parts. Check out our PARENT & FAMILY BLOG to get the straight scoop from the folks who run the many and varied programs that support your student's life and success in college. You'll get pro-tips and more directly from the experts so you can support your student in getting the most out of their time at FLC.

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