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Add to your independence some of the creature comforts of home: airport rides, home-cooked meals, knowledge of the area and pro-tips on the best biking, hiking, skiing. Even just a change of pace from dorm life for an afternoon. Enroll in FLC Family Connection and get connected with a Durango family you can call on like a neighbor. There’s no fee, requires no obligation, and is open to first-year, transfer, and exchange students.

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For families

Enjoy getting to know one of Fort Lewis College’s best students. You and your student decide the things you do and how much time you spend together.  For many families, this grows into a friendship that lasts well beyond the student’s years at FLC.

All adults in the household must pass a background check.

  • Like friends, not parents
  • How it works
  • Activities
Like friends, not parents

Your FLC Family Connection family is there to offer support and friendship, and introduce you to the Durango area. You won’t live with them, and please don’t expect that they’ll put you up over winter or summer break.

How it works

FLC Family Connection is free. Some of the activities you engage in with your family may cost money, but that’s up to you and your family.

We match you, based on the information you provide in the application, with your family, based on the information they provide in theirs. If we get it wrong, and you would like to be matched with a different family, contact us. You’ll learn who your family is about one week before the start of the semester.

We are hands-off after that. If you develop a good relationship with your FLC Family Connection family, and you all want to stay connected, then great. Keep that relationship alive as long you’d like.


How much or how little you do with your family will be up to you and them.  We try to match students with families of similar interests.  That is why it is important to tell us what you like to do on your application.  The specific activities will depend on the interests of your host family; they might include:

  • Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, riding, or photography
  • Day trips to places like Silverton and the mountains, Mesa Verde National Park, or shopping
  • Entertainment such as dinners out, concerts, plays, or movies
  • Inclusion in family meals or activities

Your family might also be able to help with things like transportation to and from the airport, arranging medical help in emergencies, and storing your things over the summer.


Allison Riggs
FLC Family Connection Liaison
Student Engagement Office