An education ecosystem

President of FLC, Dr. Tom Stritikus
Dr. Tom Stritikus, President

Today’s college students are tomorrow’s changemakers and trailblazers who will problem-solve some of society’s most complex quandaries while pursuing individual success and fulfillment. Our leadership team comprises experts dedicated to preparing students for the paths beyond college, like graduate programs, first careers, and life after FLC as global citizens.

Leadership is continuously looking for the best ways to serve our students. We want students to not only graduate with a degree and robust education from FLC but also have a holistic experience of learning, growth, challenge, and success with each step toward that diploma. We know success doesn’t look the same for every student. FLC leaders across campus, from administration to staff and faculty, work collaboratively to support every student and help them build a foundation they can stand on for life.

Community and place

Staff and student leaders

Students from across the country and around the world call FLC home. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment, where students of all backgrounds are welcome. Our unique mission as a Native American-serving, non-tribal institution guides our commitment to equity and strengthens our connections to the region.

Fort Lewis College is powered by place. Southwest Colorado is rich in culture and adventure, a place where individuals see what they’re made of and how far they can go. Where they can honor deep ancestral roots and stand tall on mountains of their accomplishments. We’re here to help students discover the landscapes that will shape who they’ll become.