An uncommon way to learn

Bring your curiosity, sense of adventure, and love of life. Your classes are small in numbers but as wide as the world. Learning rarely ends at the classroom door. FLC faculty are guides and mentors as much as teachers of academic subjects. Your peers are collaborators in coursework and co-conspirators in adventure.

Campus on the mesa overlooks our iconic Colorado town. It is a space that brings together mountains and desert, concepts and reality, and people and their landscape.

A history of FLC

Unique to colleges in Colorado, our Old Fort includes historic buildings and sustainable farming and incubator programs.

Today's FLC is a place of experiential learning and an incubator of ideas and opportunities. It emerged through a series of changes uniquely tied to this region and its people.

From military outpost to Indian boarding school, rural high school to a public liberal arts college, we have played a part of Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners region for over a century.

About Durango

Bread bakery is a local staple in Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado, is a launchpad for your adventures, from art galleries to eateries, with 300 days of sunshine and 300 miles of local trails.

Situated along a winding river between wild mountains and desert canyons, culture and history, outdoor adventure, and nightlife are at your fingertips.

Taking the initiative

Village Aid Project

FLC engineering students design and build projects around the world. Bring safe water and sanitation to communities in developing nations. All students are welcome to join the installations.

Water in the West

Residents, ranchers, river guides, and ecologists—all have a stake in the future of water in the west. Find out what this multidisciplinary and collaborative project is doing about it.

Launch your business

Win $5000 to launch your brilliant business idea in the next Hawk Tank competition.

Led by vision

From the Board of Trustees to the elected leaders of the Associated Students of FLC, we are led by people committed to our community. Our mission and values guide our decisions and toward ambitious strategic goals. See what we're up to.

Steve Schwartz

  • Interim President of FLC since Spring 2024
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Board of Trustees

  • 9-member board
  • 7 members appointed by the Governor
  • 1 nonvoting student member
  • 1 nonvoting faculty member
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