FLC's strategic vision for the future

In 2024, Fort Lewis College embarks on an exciting journey to redefine our impact and shape our future through a new strategic planning process. This initiative is a collective endeavor led by our Strategic Plan Steering Committee, President, Vice Presidents, and Board of Trustees, aimed at capturing the diverse voices of our community and positioning us for success in 2025 and beyond.

Our goal is clear

We will engage the entire Fort Lewis College community in creating an inclusive, well-informed, comprehensive strategic plan to help us navigate the evolving landscape of higher education, focusing on opportunities for growth, inclusivity, and excellence.

Why a new plan?

The world has changed significantly since 2019. In response to these shifts, we're committed to a plan that ensure the highest quality education for our students while championing tribal sovereignty and bridging equity gaps.


Skyhawk community members have participated in the planning process so far!



Questions & comments

Steve Schwartz, Interim President

Alana Romans, Director of Strategic Initiatives


February 28 - March 28: SOAR listening sessions across campus.

April 9 - 26: Storytelling & visioning sessions

Strategic Plan Commitments

  Elevate diversity

Champion Indigenous and Hispanic voices within the FLC ecosystem.

  Strategic blueprint

Draft an actionable, measurable plan energizing the FLC community.

  Reconciliation in action

Incorporate reconciliation principles throughout every state of the planning and implementation process.

  Bold and relevant

Pursue transformative ideas for an impactful strategic plan that fosters excellence and innovation.

  Empowering and energizing

Foster a culture for bold, innovative thinking to propel FLC forward.


Who decides what goes into the plan?
Who are the Steering Committee Members?
What is the timeline?
How is FLC's reconciliation framework being used?
Where is the data for the strategic plan?