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About Professional Associates

Founded in 1999 by then college President Kendall Blanchard, the Professional Associates of Fort Lewis College (PA) was created to serve as an advisory resource for the President on matters vital to the college.

The mission of Fort Lewis College is that "Students are at the center of Fort Lewis College, where we create inclusive, experiential learning environments that foster innovation, growth, and community engagement." The common thread that unites PA members is a shared desire to support that mission.  

In its third decade, Professional Associates continues to provide external resources for FLC personnel and students, and to help build awareness of the college and the importance of liberal arts as a foundation for life and careers. The audiences PA serves are three-fold: students, faculty and staff, and the community.

Who are we?

Today Professional Associates has grown to about 50 members and includes retired and practicing professionals across a broad range of disciplines—from accounting to zoology.


How can we be contacted?

To receive general information about Professional Associates, please contact Chuck Carson at To contact individual members, click here.

Interested in joining Professional Associates?

Professional Associates welcomes applications for membership from persons who have a desire to work to advance the educational environment of Fort Lewis College and to advance the purpose of Professional Associates. They should have a willingness to share their expertise with the students and faculty of Fort Lewis College and with the community, without emphasizing a personal agenda. For more information about membership requirements and expectations, please contact Chuck Carson at or Tom Jones at 970-375-7673.

Sponsorship & organization

Professional Associates operates under the direction and sponsorship of the Office of the President of Fort Lewis College.

The activities of Professional Associates are coordinated and facilitated by an Executive Committee, whose members are the President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past President, three At-large Members, and the Chair of the Membership Committee. Each of the three At-large Members serve as a coordinator for one of three activity areas:


Current members of the Executive Committee

  • Chuck Carson, President
  • Mary Sue Burnham, Secretary
  • Gary Treat, Treasurer
  • Rich Hoehlein, Immediate Past President
  • Bob Stremba, At-large Member, Student Programs and Activities
  • Debra Lycan, At-large Member, Faculty/staff Liaison and Activities
  • Gary Rottman, At-large Member, Community Programs and Activities
  • Tom Jones, Membership Committee Chair

Information & Events

Life Long Learning Lecture Series
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