A knowledgeable resource for faculty and administration and FLC programs

A primary goal of the Professional Associates is to put their varied experience of its members to work for the faculty, staff, and administration in support of college programs and students.

Many Professional Associates members are available to assist faculty members in classes or laboratories, or in other ways of benefit to faculty members. A list of areas of expertise and experience represented by PA members is available here. For further information about each member please click on that member’s name.

Suggestions to faculty on how to access Professional Associates for possible class assistance.

  • Review the PA Member Expertise list to determine who might appropriately assist with your classroom needs. Clicking on a member’s name will take you to that member’s information and email address.
  • Alternatively you could ask the PA Liaison to your Department to suggest an appropriate PA member to fulfill your needs
  • Finally, the PA member may welcome receiving comments or suggestions you or your students may have regarding the PA member’s presentation.