The Professional Associates Liaison Program has been developed to facilitate PA assistance to FLC faculty and staff, and to FLC programs. Each PA member is offered the opportunity to serve in a liaison relationship with one or more of these individuals or to participate in one of the FLC programs. The way the liaison program relationships unfold depends upon the needs and preferences of the partners.

Professional Associates members are expected to develop a working relationship with the office or academic department with which they are associated. The objective is to bring an awareness of Professional Associates activities and capabilities to the office or department, while facilitating the assistance of Professional Associates to the office or department in ways that will increase the effectiveness of its programs.

Liaison relationships that have been established are listed below and are available at each Dean's and Vice President's office. Departments and offices with no liaison person listed may request a Professional Associates liaison person by contacting Robert Yearout:

College Administration

Office/Department/Program Professional Associates Liaison
Board of Trustees
Richard Kaufman, Vice Chair
President, PA, Chuck Carson
FLC Foundation
Faith Roessel, President
President PA
Office of the President
Dr. Tom Stritikus, President
Vikki Agovino, Executive Assistant
President PA
Office of the Associate Vice President, Diversity Affairs
Diversity Collaborative
Native American Center

Kathy Fine-Dare
Admission Chuck Carson
Athletics Steve Canter, Chuck Carson
International Programs Chuck Carson, Barry Devine
Office of the Provost and VP, Academic Affairs President, PA
Institutional Review Board Dick Mason, Kip Boyd (Board Members)
Advising Chuck Carson
Career & Life Design
Alumni Engagement
Gary Treat
Center of Southwest Studies Dick Mason, Foxie Mason
Accessibility Resource Center
Testing Center
Betsy Peterson
Library Foxie Mason
Teaching & Learning Services
Distance Learning
George Widmeyer, Rich Hoehlein
Writing Center Debby Malcolm
Office of the VP, Institutional Advancement
Melissa Mount, Vice President
Office of the VP, Finance & Administration
Steve Schwartz, Vice President
Environmental Health & Safety Steve Canter
Dean of Student Engagement
Dr. Jeff Dupont


Leadership Center Dick Mason
Recreational Services: Outdoor Pursuits Barry Devine

School of Arts and Sciences

Office/Department/Program Professional Associates Liaison
Dr. Jesse Peters, Dean


Division of Health Sciences
Dr. Melissa Knight-Maloney, Associate Dean
Exercise Science (major) Barry Devine
Public Health (major) Richard Grossman
Division of Sciences, Engineering & Mathematics
Dr. Steven Fenster, Associate Dean
Biology (major) Don Bruning, Richard Grossman, Deborah Lycan
Chemistry and Biochemistry Cres Fleming, Deborah Lycan
  Engineering (major)
  Physics (major)
Chuck Carson, Gary Rottman
Chuck Carson
Gary Rottman
Village Aid Project Chara Ragland
Division of Society, Values, Inquiry & Sovereignty
Dr. Justin McBrayer, Associate Dean
History (major) Bob Yearout
Philosophy/Political Science
  Philosophy (major)
  Political Science (major)
Dick Mason
Dick Mason
Division of Earth, Culture & Adaption
Dr. Dawn Mulhern
Division of Communication, Creativity. & Aesthetics
Dr. Amy Wendland
English Department
  Writing (major)
Debby Malcolm
Performing Arts Department
  Music (major)
  Theatre (major)
Judith Reynolds

School of Business Administration

Office/Department/Program Professional Associates Liaison
Dr. Steven Elias, Dean
Dr. Paul Clay, Associate Dean
Tom Jones

School of Business Administration

Office/Department/Program Professional Associates Liaison
Dr. Jennifer Trujillo, Dean
Dr. Kris Greer, Associate Dean