About the Tribal Advisory Council

As a Native American serving institution, we respect and honor tribal sovereignty to strengthen our relationships with tribal nations and communities in our region and beyond. Accordingly, we have established our Tribal Advisory Council for the following purposes:

  1. Provide opportunities to students from tribal nations and communities.
    1. Understand our tuition waiver for Native American and Alaska Native students.
    2. Collaborate on connecting culture and traditions to our coursework and degree programs.
  1. Explore opportunities to collaborate and partner to strengthen and enhance tribal nations and communities.
    1. Develop internship programs that mutually benefit Indigenous students and communities.
    2. Develop programs highlighting educational and cultural programming with tribal leaders and elders.
  1. Inform tribal nations and communities about our reconciliation work regarding FLC’s history as a federal Indian boarding school.
    1. Assist in understanding the impact of the boarding school experience and explore ways to begin the healing process.
    2. Provide input for recommendations on how to proceed in respectful ways in acknowledging our history.
    3. Remove panels and replace them with appropriate and respectful cultural artwork.

In addition to the abovementioned purposes, we welcome other areas and topics pertinent to our Indigenous students, faculty, and staff. 

Council Members:

  • First Alaskans Institute
  • Navajo Nation
  • Southern Ute Tribe
  • Ute Mountain Tribe 

Contact Person:

Heather J. Shotton, Ph.D. (Wichita/Kiowa/Cheyenne)
Vice President of Diversity Affairs