Organic Weed Management

In 2008, the San Juan Basin Research Center, located at the Old Fort Lewis in Hesperus, received a two-year Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) grant to Develop a Hands-On Organic Weed Management Learning Center for Commercial Market Gardens in Local Communities.

The Learning Center will train participants in organic weed management strategies such as mulching, mechanical control, intercropping, solarization and organic herbicides. While there are a broad range of weed management techniques, knowledge of organic-only strategies are needed by agents to assist producers who may be organically certified or determined to use organic-only methods. Over the two years of this project, the Learning Center will provide not only training but also how to evaluate their efficacy and long-term sustainability. The Learning Center will offer short-course workshops on methodology, soil and sustainability analysis, control-measure efficacy, managing web-based information, and establishing on-farm demo sites.

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San Juan Basin Research Center

Research at the Old Fort provided many opportunities for graduate student research projects at Colorado State University. Over 40 MS theses and Ph.D. dissertations have been written on data collected at the Old Fort (San Juan Basin Research Center), and over 200 scientific papers and popular articles have been published.

In June 2010, Colorado State University closed the San Juan Basin Research Center at the Hesperus location.

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The Old Fort

18683 CO-140
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Land Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge the land that the Old Fort is situated upon is the ancestral land and territory of the Nuuchiu (Ute) people who were forcibly removed by the United States Government. We also acknowledge that this land is connected to the communal and ceremonial spaces of the Jicarilla Abache (Apache), Pueblos of New Mexico, Hopi Sinom (Hopi), and Diné (Navajo) Nations.

The Old Fort and Fort Lewis College are committed to reconciling their history as a federal Indian Boarding School from 1892 to 1909.

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The Old Fort is owned by the Colorado State Land Board and managed by Fort Lewis College.