Which mission below speaks to you?

At Fort Lewis College, we aim to nurture your passions by setting you on a path that aligns them with your priorities and proficiencies. Explore the missions we have outlined below to understand the types of academic programs and majors that will set you up for success.

Student paintings on easels in the studio

Tell our stories

Change through narrative

Maybe it’s through painting, maybe digital design, maybe the written word, or film—whatever medium carries your voice, we’ll help you put it to service carrying your cause. As a species, we’ve been telling stories for tens of thousands of years. These stories have the power to change lives.

Students, faculty, and staff march through campus on MLD day.

Advocate for social justice

Work toward equality

You are driven to create a future where prosperity is available to all regardless of identity. You’ve felt the injustices of the world firsthand, or you’ve seen the impact on your loved ones, and you’ve had enough. You see the possibility of change, you can imagine a more just world. Explore the majors and co-curricular programs available at FLC to set you along your path as a social justice advocate.

Two FLC interns work behind the counter at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory located in Durango, Colorado.

Grow our economy

Put business to work

You have the vision to lead economic growth in your community, your nation, your state. Lead the way for others to find purpose and prosperity. Maybe you have a vision of leading underdeveloped communities into a position of economic vibrance. Maybe you see yourself leverage commerce to deliver a much-needed product or service that improves our lives. Whatever the path, we have the vehicle to speed you along it. Get in.

FLC student installs solar panels on a construction site.

Design our future

Science, technology, engineering, & math for change

Fields in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) help us understand our world as it is. But they also open our minds to how our world could be. With this roadmap to a better future, you can help solve the problems we face as a global society. Whether you’re addressing climate change, building rural water infrastructure, or improving information systems and technology, you can imagine a better world.

Protect our planet

Ensure the well-being of our one planet

You're concerned about the impact we have on our planet. You have ideas about how we can take a more sustainable path forward. You love the natural world and commit yourself to its protection. Whether you love the science or poetics of nature, whether you want to write policy or introduce youth to the wonders of wilderness, we offer an array of majors, clubs, and programs to support your dream of protecting our planet.

a student athlete rides a stationary bike while breathing into an air tube

Improve our health

Individuals & communities

Healthy body. Healthy mind. Healthy community. Healthy future. You want to help people live healthier lives, whether that's working with individuals, educating communities, or studying populations. From Exercise Physiology to Psychology, or Nutrition to Public Health, choose from a wide range of disciplines that address health at both individual and community levels.

An FLC student demonstrates chemistry experiments with young children wearing lab coats and goggles.

Inspire future generations

Learn to educate

You are inspired by the joy of learning new things; you have a way with kids, and you know our future depends on the next generation. Whether you want to teach through outdoor adventure, or in the classroom, you know you have something to offer. Explore the many undergraduate and graduate programs we offer in teacher education, and start your journey as an educator.

FLC theatre on stage during a performance

Create a brighter world

Share your talents

Move your audience to make someone’s day or make change in the world. Whether you’re a musician, producer, actor, or executive, we’ll give you the skills to reach your audience. We offer programs in theatre, music performance, music business, and more. The world is your stage; let us be your stage crew.

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