Policies & procedures

Faculty and students are encouraged to seek advice about academic dishonesty issues from the Co-chair of the Academic Standards Committee.

Academic Grievance and Appeals

A student should use these procedures to appeal or resolve disputes concerning an academic grade or other academic decision considered by the student to be arbitrary or contrary to College policy.

Before using the academic grievance procedures or between any of the steps of the appeal, students are encouraged to seek advice from Dr. Kris Greer, Associate Provost, at 970-247-7633 or greer_k@fortlewis.edu.

  • If the student has been charged with academic dishonesty, the procedures for dealing with a charge of academic dishonesty must be completed before any academic grievance appeal will be considered (see above).
  • Faculty Handbook, see Part III. Academic Policies. Section 2. Procedure for Academic Grievance Policy.