The Internal Audit Department functions as an independent objective appraisal of Fort Lewis College and the ability of the College to effectively accomplish its mission. The objective of the department is to assist members of the College in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. The Internal Audit Department provides analysis, appraisals, recommendations and counsel concerning the activities reviewed.

The department reports functionally to the Board of Trustees and administratively to the Vice President of Finance and Administration. This dual reporting function allows the department to be independent and objective in the performance of its duty. The Internal Auditor has a responsibility to the Board of Trustees and the management of the College to provide them with information about the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization’s system of internal controls and the quality of performance of the various departments and areas of review. The information furnished to each may differ in format and detail depending on the requirements and function provided to the College as well as any requests of management and the Board.

The audit committee is assigned responsibility for the internal audit function and will ensure that:

  1. Departments, programs, activities and functions are reviewed at appropriate intervals to determine whether they are effectively and efficiently carrying out their functions of planning, accounting, stewardship and internal control in accordance with College policies, procedures and objectives.
  2. Audit findings and recommendations for corrective action are promptly reported to management personnel responsible for taking the appropriate action.
  3. Any plans or actions taken to correct reported conditions are evaluated for satisfactory disposition of audit findings. If the plan or action is deemed unsatisfactory then additional discussions will be held to correct any deficiencies.

The department shall have complete and timely access to all records, property and employee activities as needed to perform its function. In performing this function the department has no direct responsibility for nor authority over any of the activities reviewed. Thus, the internal audit review and appraisal does not in any way relieve the employees in the department under review of the responsibilities assigned to them.