El Centro de Muchos Colores Staff

Cristal Revilla Serrano, Student Intern

Cristal Revilla Serrano, InternMy name is Cristal Revilla Serrano, I am 20 years old and from Carbondale, Colorado. I am a sophomore and a Biology major with hopes of finding a career in the medical field. I have one sister and an awesome 5-year-old niece. My parents are both undocumented and immigrated from Mexico, and work extremely hard to help me through my education.

I was a part of a professional Mexican Folklorico dance group for twelve years. I love dancing, skiing, hiking, painting, and watching movies. I joined El Centro because I needed a space to share and express my Mexican heritage with others.

Luisenrique Rabadan​, Student Intern

Luisenrique Rabadan​, Student InternMy name is Luisenrique Rabadan, I am a 20-year-old junior that was born in Los Angeles but raised in Golden Colorado. My current major is Business Administration with a focus in finance. My long-term goal is to receive my MBA and to one day work as a financial analyst for a bank or business.

I have 2 older brothers who are each married, as well as a 6-year-old niece that I love more than anything. Both of my parents are from San Pedro Limón, Mexico. They came to the United States undocumented and immigrated here in hopes for a better life for their children and that’s a sacrifice that I will always hold in my heart. I chose to work for El Centro because I wanted to be around things that made me feel like home and with El Centro being a Hispanic cultural resource center it felt right being here.

Joseph Grams

Joseph GramsMy name is Joseph Grams. I am Junior here at Fort Lewis College. My major is English, and I am also working toward a teacher licensure in secondary education and a minor in teaching English as a second language, so I can teach in the middle school and high school level. I am from Castle Rock, Colorado, which is about thirty minutes south of Denver, Colorado. I thoroughly enjoy hiking, social events, climbing, ropes courses, water skilling, church, sports, learning, and talking in Spanish. In my spare time, I practice my guitar, go on hikes, and work on my Spanish skills. I love Jesus and my family. I decided to work at El Centro because I one day want to be fluent in Spanish and enjoy Hispanic culture. So, I wanted to be involved in a work environment where I’m exposed to both the Spanish language and culture.

Amoreina Espinosa

My name is Amoreina Espinosa I am Indigenous Mexica-Nahuatl and Anishinaabe from Red Lake. I was born and raised in Mini Sota (Minnesota). I am a Dog mom, to my precious Itzli. My major is Biology with a minor in Physics. I also work at the Peer Education Center as a Spanish tutor, and I work as a certified Lifeguard at Durango Parks and Rec. I currently hold the position of Secretary for Club Del Centro. I also co-founded the International Indigenous Youth Council-Twin Cities Chapter, I am an active chapter representative. I enjoy dancing, I am apart of Traditional Mexica-Aztec group, Kalpulli Yaocenoxtl in Minnesota. Here in Durango I enjoy hanging out with my friends going hiking, swimming and exploring.

Heleny Zacamolpa VazquezHeleny Zacamolpa Vazquez

My name is Heleny Zacamolpa Vazquez from Durango, CO. I am a freshman and an Engineering Major. I have a younger brother and a very adorable poodle. I like to stay busy and know some German and French. I love to spend time outdoors, do yoga and spend time with family. I am very happy to be working in El Centro where I can absolutely be myself.