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What is SOL?

  • The Student Outdoor Leaders are a team of students who lead trips for Outdoor Pursuits
  • It is a mentorship model that utilizes outdoor adventures to cultivate character development and leadership competence

Who can be a SOL leader?

  • Any student at Fort Lewis College is eligible to work on the SOL team
  • We strongly encourage both seasoned leaders and novices to apply
  • Outdoor experience and personal motivation are required

Is becoming a SOL Leader for you?

Do you value the following?

  • Community Building
  • Character Development
  • Competence
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Personal & Peer Assessment
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Safety
  • Fun

Application and Training

  • The process of becoming a SOL Leader begins with the completion of an application followed by an in-person interview with the OP professional staff.
  • Each students' training is slightly different, depending upon prior experience in leadership and the outdoors.
  • To apply, contact Kate Macklin at 970-247-6394, Email Kate, or stop by the OP office.