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Two FLC students in their residence hall room doing schoolworkAt the end of a full day of classes, work, outdoor adventuring, and student organization involvement, your student needs a safe and welcoming place to rest their head for the night. We take the responsibility of providing that safe, welcoming space seriously. And it takes many of us to pull it off. Here’s a little introduction of my staff who make this all possible.

Greg Weiss
Office Manager

Greg is one of the very first people you will likely interact with from the Housing Office. As the Office Manager, he knows the ins and outs of Student Housing, making him the go-to person for any information you or your student needs about cancellations or exemptions among other questions you might have.

Resident Assistants (RA)
The RA is one of the most crucial individuals your student will meet while they live on campus. Each hallway, wing, or pod has an RA, for a total of 37 Ras on campus. The RA is your student’s go-to person for resources, information, and the details of community living. RAs are students who are actively learning and living beside other students. On Move-In Day they are present in the hall and available to help with lofts, moving, and checking in. Throughout the semester, they put on events, uphold policies, and act as a connector between your student, other students, and professional staff and faculty. If your student has questions, programming ideas, or concerns, their RA is there to help! Maybe your student will be inspired by their RA to consider becoming an RA themself.

Residence Directors (RD)
Each residence hall has an RD who manages it. There are 8 RDs total. The RD is responsible for education, safety, and overall engagement within the building. Your student will see them around the hall as their office and apartment are within the building/complex. That’s right, they live and work in the residence halls, keeping their finger on the pulse. On Move-In Day, they will be available to answer questions, get to know your student, and ensure the move-in process goes smoothly. If your student needs to meet with a professional staff member or are a part of Hall Council, they will work with their RD. Feel free to stop by their office on Move-In Day!
More about Residence Hall Staff

Cullen Green
Coordinator of Operations

As the Coordinator of Operations, Cullen verifies and processes every application and housing request that comes through our office. He places every student into their room assignment, tracks occupancy, and coordinates room changes. If your student has questions about their housing application or a room change, they’ll likely chat with Cullen.

Colby Connely & Kain Ellis
Assistant Directors

Student Housing has two Assistant Directors. While they both do slightly different things, their roles overall are to ensure that the whole of the residential complexes are running well and that students feel safe and connected. They work with Student Housing staff to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to provide a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for our students. They oversee programming, the conduct process, assessment, student and professional staff training and supervision, and crisis management among other responsibilities.

Edgar Anaya Quiroga

As the Director of Student Housing and Conduct, I work closely with other directors in the Student Engagement Division to make sure that my office is actively upholding FLC’s vision to be a diverse, inclusive, and academically rigorous community. I put my energy into cultivating and maintaining a culture in Student Housing that supports our students as members of our community.

Whoever you talk to in Student Housing, we all share in the common goal of ensuring that your students’ needs are met and your questions as family members are answered. In the next couple of weeks, we will provide you with more specific information about key points in student’s development through their time at FLC. Stay tuned!

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Edgar Anaya Quiroga, Director of Student Housing & ConductEdgar Anaya Quiroga
Director of Student Housing & Conduct
Edgar and his team are available to help with student housing questions and concerns.
Phone: 970-247-7503
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