Finding your path to success

Choosing your major is a significant decision, and you will be well-served to consider it carefully. Things to consider include your timeline at FLC, your values and the life you wish to create after FLC, and the pragmatics of occupations and careers. Visit our Choosing your Major page to further explore your educational and career possibilities. Use this tool to help determine your priorities, proficiencies, and passions as you seek to choose a major.

When it’s time, you may declare or change majors, minors, and certificates online.

Add or Change Major/Minor

Your degree timeline

You’ll need to declare your major when you earn 45 credits. For most students, that’s during their sophomore year. This gives you time to explore your options early, and also time to complete your major’s requirements. You may change your major at any time, or add other credentials such as a minor or a certificate, though bear in mind that it could impact your timeline depending on how the change affects your course requirements.

Considering life after FLC

While it’s true that more and more people enjoy diverse and evolving careers that include multiple occupations, your major nevertheless serves as a powerful launchpad into your career (however you choose to do it), as well as your contributions to your community and the world.

  • Take time to reflect and also talk it out, art it up, journal it
  • Do your research: talk to professionals who work in the fields you’re curious about and make an appointment with Career Services
  • Access your supports. Your family, your community, your faculty can all offer valuable feedback, and play a role to varying degrees in shaping how you as an individual interface with the world around you.

Practical considerations

Some things to keep in mind as you imagine how your major will set you up for your career include:

  • How you like to spend your time: outside or inside; with people or working alone
  • How your studies will set you up for work that you’ll enjoy doing
  • Which occupations are in high demand
  • What the community needs are where you want to live

Your advising team is available to help you walk through questions like this and to help you find additional resources as needed. Make an appointment if you would like to discuss declaring or changing your major, or drop by if you already know the change you want to make to your major.