Course Withdrawal (Drop a Class After Census)

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. You will not automatically be dropped from a class just because you don't attend.

Course Withdrawal (CW)

Course Withdrawal (CW) refers to a course dropped after Census (the 12th day of the semester). You are permitted to use a total of 3 Course Withdrawals during your time at Fort Lewis College for any reason, no questions asked.

Course Withdrawal Deadlines

Please see our worksheet for the Course Withdrawal deadlines for all classes.

How to do a Course Withdrawal

We encourage you to speak with a Skyhawk Advisor by attending a Zoom Drop-In to understand the consequence of dropping a course or to explore other options such as tutoring and/or talking to your professor. To withdraw from a course using a CW, fill out our online Course Withdrawal Form. Or, you can visit Skyhawk Station and pick up a Course Withdrawal form. Our staff will process the CW for you on the spot.

Transcripts, GPA, & Credits

Courses from which you withdraw using a Course Withdrawal will appear on your official transcript with a "CW" where you would ordinarily see a grade. CWs do not factor into either your semester or cumulative grade point averages (GPA), and you will not be awarded credit for CW courses.

Tuition & Fees

You are still responsible for some or all of the tuition and fees for the class you withdraw from. See the Fort Lewis College Refund Policies for more information.

Important Note

Once the semester has started, you can only drop your last class using a Semester Withdrawal. You cannot drop your last class on WebOPUS or using a Course Withdrawal form.

Questions & Assistance

Stop by Skyhawk Station, send us an email, or give us a call at 970-247-7301. We’re here to help!