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New Skyhawk Self-Service (WebOPUS) Updates

We have implemented new Banner 9 self-service applications in WebOPUS.  Learn more about the Skyhawk Self-Service (WebOPUS)

Curriculum Changes

Click here for information pertaining to Curriculum Committee procedures and curriculum changes.

Distance Education Courses

Please see our Approved Distance Education Courses page for an updated list.

Employee Tuition Waiver

Please see the Staff Study Privileges on the Human Resources website for more information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

All faculty and staff are required to protect students' privacy in accordance with FERPA. FERPA violations can have serious consequences for the institution and the faculty/staff involved. Please see our detailed FERPA page for specific information regarding your responsibilities as an FLC employee.

Final Exam Schedule

Please see the Final Exam Schedule for a complete list of exam dates and time and details regarding which courses are required to meet during finals week.

Grade Changes

You can now submit a Grade Change online using your CAS login. Paper Grade Change forms are also available at Skyhawk Station.

Incomplete Grades

"Incompletes" are issued at the instructor's discretion -- you are not required to allow a student to take an "Incomplete" for any reason. You can allow students up to one year to complete the outstanding coursework (you are not required to give them the whole year).

If you agree to let a student take an Incomplete, the student will need to fill out the Incomplete Grade Request form. You and the student will outline the agreed-upon terms, including coursework they need to complete and the time frame for completing it, on the form. Both you and the student need to sign the form. The completed form must be returned to Skyhawk Station no later that 4:00 p.m. on last regular day of classes.

  • An Incomplete will appear on a student's transcript with an "I" in place of a grade until one of two things happens:
    • The student completes the required coursework within the time allowed and you submits a Grade Change form to the Registrar's Office; or
    • The student fails to complete the required coursework, in which case the "I" will be changed to an "F" on their transcript.

What do you need to do once the student has completed the work? In order for the student to get a grade for the class, you need to submit a Grade Change form to the Registrar's Office (we need to manually change the grade from an "I" to whatever grade you have assigned). We will not accept Grade Change forms submitted by anyone other than the instructor. You can pick up a Grade Change form at Skyhawk Station. They will show you back to the Registrar's Office so that we can make the change for you.

Registration Overrides

As the instructor, you can give registration overrides for your courses in two ways: You can sign a Course Addition form (available at Skyhawk Station), which will override all relevant restriction and/or allow that student to register for a course already at capacity; or, you can enter an Instructor Permission/Class Level/Prerequisite override via WebOPUS for a specific student. Please note that you can only allow a student into a full class using the Course Addition form. You will find detailed directions for entering registration overrides via WebOPUS on our Registration Overrides page.

Registration Schedule

For most students, registration start dates are determined by earned credits. See the Summer and Fall 2021 Registration Schedule for a detailed breakdown.

Submitting Final and Mid-Term Grades via WebOPUS

Final grades must be submitted no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Monday following finals week (see grade submission deadlines for the current term).

For Fall and Spring terms, WebOPUS grading is open from the morning of the last day of classes until 10:00 a.m. on the Monday after finals week. You will receive an email notification when the grading function has been turned on.

You will find detailed instructions for entering grades on WebOPUS on our Submitting Grades page.

Transfer Equivalencies Table

Faculty and staff can use the Transfer Equivalencies Table to quickly find information about whether and how specific courses have transferred to FLC in the past.

We encourage all students and prospective students to use Transferology to learn more about how their classes will transfer to Fort Lewis College.

Time-Conflict Overrides

The Colorado Department of Education's Commission on Higher Education requires students to have 750 minutes of seat time for each credit hour they earn. In order to prevent the College from running afoul of accreditation standards, we cannot permit time-conflict overrides under any circumstances, even if the amount of overlapping time is very minimal. However, instructors may arrange for students to take Independent Study credits in lieu of one of the classes, and departments are free to grant substitutions so that Independent Study credits satisfy a particular major or minor requirement.

Uniform Schedule

Looking for the uniform schedule of classes? You will find it here.


Instructors do not need to manage their own waitlists they are all automated. All classes have an available waitlist with the exception of courses that have a required lab with a separate CRN (e.g. CHEM 150). Students do not need instructor permission to join a course's waitlist unless they would need an override to register for that course. For more information on course waitlists, please see our Waitlist Information for faculty and staff page.