Academic Renewal

Who can apply for Academic Renewal?

A former student who has not attended Fort Lewis College for at least six consecutive terms (e.g., Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall) and whose Fort Lewis College cumulative GPA is below 2.00 may apply for Academic Renewal. You are only eligible for Academic Renewal one time.

When and How to Apply

If you were academically disqualified, you need to submit your Academic Renewal petition by the admission application deadline. If you were not academically disqualified, you need to submit your Academic Renewal petition no later than Census date (the 12th day of classes) of the semester you return. The online Academic Renewal petition is located at the bottom of this page (there is also a printable petition form available). 

More Information About Academic Renewal

If you are granted Academic Renewal, none of the grades you received prior to renewal will factor into your GPA moving forward. Previously-completed courses for which you earned grade of C- or higher will still count toward graduation, as long as they are allowable under the Time Limits on Coursework policy. Although they will not factor into your GPA, all grades and coursework completed prior to renewal will still be visible on your academic transcript. A note stating "Academic Renewal Approve [date approved]" will also appear on your transcript.

Please note that Academic Renewal may not be recognized by other institutions. Since your pre-renewal grades appear on your transcript, other institutions may still take them into account when determining your eligibility for employment, admission, scholarships, etc. Once you are granted Academic Renewal, you must maintain satisfactory academic standing and complete at least 30 credit-hours after readmission before you will be eligible for a baccalaureate degree (even if all other degree requirements have been met).


Questions about the Academic Renewal process should be directed to Questions about re-admission should be directed to the Office of Admission

Academic Renewal Petition

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  • Certification

  • By submitting this form, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this request is true and complete. I understand that, if it is found to be otherwise, my petition may be rejected.