Registration Waitlists

A registration waitlist is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a full class. Waitlist management is automated; no action is required on the part of the instructor or the department. All classes have an available waitlist with the exception of courses that have a required lab with a separate CRN (e.g. CHEM 150). The waitlist capacity is automatically set at 50% of the enrollment maximum for each class. Students and faculty can view waitlist availability using the Class Search function on WebOPUS. 

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions

Students must satisfy prerequisites and obtain any relevant instructor overrides before they will be permitted to join a waitlists. 

How do students get on waitlists? 

When a student attempts to register for a full class, they will receive a Registration Add Error.The error will tell them that the class is closed and that there are x number of students on the waitlist. If there is still space available on the waitlist, they will then be able to select "waitlist" from the from the drop-down menu under "Action". If the waitlist is full, they will receive and error telling them as much. If they receive an error message that says ‘Open-Reserved for Waitlist’, the section was closed, but someone dropped the class and the open seat has been offered to the first person on the waitlist (only students already on the waitlist will be allowed to register for the course). Students can see their position on the waitlist for a specific section by looking at their detailed class schedule on WebOPUS.

Time Conflicts

Students are permitted to join a waitlist for a class that will conflict with classes they are currently registered for, which allows them flexibility as they sort out their schedules. A student will have to drop the class with which there is a time conflict before they will be able to register for a waitlisted class.

Registering from a Waitlist

An email will be sent to their FLC email accounts notifying them there is a space available. They have 36 hours from the time the email was sent to register for the class (the specific deadline will be noted in the email). If they do not register within that time frame, they will be dropped from the waitlist. The time-frame changes to 24 hours beginning the first day of the semester.