Graduate Students

Transfer Credits

Have you previously done graduate-level teacher education coursework? You might be able to transfer some or all of those credits to FLC. Learn more about transfer credits on the Graduate Studies apply page

Apply to Graduate

Once you've registered for your final course requirements, you need to apply to graduate. This initiates the process by which the Registrar's Office ensures that you have fulfilled all of your degree requirements and, ultimately, confers your degree. Please review our step-by-step guide for more details.

Change Your Name

Have you changed your legal name since you started at FLC? We can easily update your academic record, email address, and CAS username! Just fill out our Name Change Request either drop it off at Skyhawk Station, or mail it to the Registrar's Office (1000 Rim Dr. | Durango, CO 81301) with the required documentation. Please be aware that we cannot accept these requests by fax or by email. Any such requests received by fax or email will be destroyed for your security. If you are changing your name, your new name will appear on transcripts ordered after the change has been processed. 


Ordering official transcripts is easy! Just go to to place your order. See our Transcripts page for details about ordering options and prices. Just need an unofficial transcript? You can view your unofficial transcript on WebOPUS.

Academic Standing

You can find detailed information for graduate students regarding academic standing, including academic disqualification, in the Catalog. You can appeal academic standing decisions using the Academic Standing Appeal form.