Non Degree-Seeking Students

Non-Degree-Seeking Students



Non-degree-seeking students  
Non-degree-seeking students, also referred to as unclassified students, enroll in courses at Fort Lewis College without the immediate intention of earning a degree or certificate from FLC.  

Non-degree students may be students enrolling in courses for career development, either individually or as part of an employer-sponsored cohort. They may be students completing prerequisites required for entrance into a degree or certificate program, or they may be attending classes for personal enrichment.  

Non-degree students are officially enrolled at the college and their coursework will be graded and posted on a transcript. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid programs, but may be eligible for the Native American Tuition Waiver or other outside aid 

A complete non-degree application includes:  

  • Application (online)  

  • $40 application fee  


Non-degree application deadlines 


Fall semesteDeadline: August 1  
Spring semester Deadline: December 1 


Summer semester Deadline: April 1  


Confirmation and registration  

Once you have been notified of your admission decision, you may confirm your enrollment by emailing a written state of intent to enroll to There is no confirmation fee for non-degree seeking students. After confirmation, students may register for classes using the online WebOpus registration system. If there are prerequisites for courses, eligibility must be documented prior to enrollment. Typically this is done through the presentation of transcripts. For some courses, standardized test score (ACT or SAT) or placement testing may be required.