How to apply

STEM Core admits new students once per year. Applications for the Fall 2023–Spring 2024 Cohort opens in May 2023.


  • You must sign up for MATH 112 or MATH 113 the semester you join STEM Core
  • You must declare or intend to declare one of the following majors: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, or Physics.


  • You will attend STEM Core meetings every week for one year. If you are an incoming student who needs a First Year Launch Credit, you have the option to count STEM Core as your First Year Launch.
  • You will attend an individual check-in with your student support specialist for 30 minutes once every two weeks for one year. You will hold yourself to a high level of personal and academic integrity.
  • You will sign a contract permitting your student support specialist to view your grades, discuss your academic performance with you and your professors, and view specific info about your financial aid.

Apply to STEM Core

Application process

Step 1: Apply

To apply, take 10 minutes to fill out the short form below. You will be invited to schedule your 30-minute interview at the end of your application.

Apply to Stem CORE

Step 2: Interview

Your 30-minute interview may be in-person, on Zoom, or over the phone, depending on your needs. During your interview, we will discuss your academic and career goals, ensure you fully understand the responsibilities and benefits of STEM Core, and determine whether this program is a good fit for you.

Step 3: Wait for Review

Your application will be considered during a review period of several weeks. STEM Core admits a limited number of students each year, so not all applicants are accepted. 

Step 4: Arrange your class schedule

If your application is approved during Step 3, we will assist you in rearranging your class schedule to accommodate STEM Core activities. 

Step 5: Sign the Contract

Once you sign the STEM Core contract, your final scheduling adjustments will be made, and you will be an official member of STEM Core. Congratulations!