What is TRIO's mission?

To positively impact the retention and graduation rates of first-generation students, low income students, and students with disabilities.

We are dedicated to creating a campus community where students' individual goals are nurtured by providing support in an inclusive environment to achieve graduation and life success.

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Who can join Trio Student Success Center?

We serve FLC students whose parents don't have bachelor's degrees, students from low-income families, and students working with FLC's Accessibility Resource Center. A simple application helps us determine who qualifies. Our eligibility requirements are regulated by the U.S. Department of Education.

What if I don't qualify for Trio?

We will refer you to other campus resources that can offer the support you are looking for.

What if TRIO is already full?

If we have reached our 200-student limit, we'll put you on the waitlist so you can join TRIO the following fall. Because TRIO students graduate or transfer from FLC, there are usually 60-70 openings each fall.

Does TRIO serve students in certain majors?

We serve students in any major.

Is my ethnicity a factor for joining TRIO?

Ethnicity is not a TRIO SSC eligibility factor.

Does TRIO have scholarships for students?

We have one financial award students can pursue: each semester, the Provost provides funds for 20 participants to receive $250. It is called the Student Achievement Award.

Talk to your TRIO person or read the requirements here.

Why are there so many TRIO programs?

"TRIO" is the umbrella-name for several programs meant to serve individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. They started in the 1960's under President Johnson's War on Poverty.

Back then, there were only three types of programs--hence, the name TRIO.

Since then, several other programs emerged to serve additional populations, such as veterans, PhD students, adult learners, and students pursuing the STEM disciplines.

So even though there are more than three programs currently, we kept the nationally-recognized and historic name TRIO.

There are programs like the TRIO Student Success Center at over 900 colleges and universities nationwide!

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What TRIO programs are at Fort Lewis College?

Where is TRIO Student Success Center located?

The third floor of Reed Library. Take the stairs or elevator to the third floor; we are on the west side of the building.

I am already a TRIO participant; do I need to reapply each year?

If you are currently a participant with the TRIO Student Success Center at FLC, you don't need to reapply; you're in the program until you graduate from FLC.

If you are currently a participant in FLC's STEM3 program and want to transfer to our program (or vice-versa), we'll work with you and STEM3 on when the transfer can occur and obtaining your original program application materials. You may not have to reapply.

If you are a participant in FLC's Upward Bound or Talent Search program, you need to apply to our program.

If you are a participant in a TRIO program at a different college, you need to apply to our program.

TRIO has helped me with much more than staying in school; they have helped me thrive as a student and a person. They are always there to give me the tools I need.