Honors Council Members 2019-20

The Honors Council is comprised of faculty from a variety of academic disciplines. It works with the Coordinator of Reed Honors to develop and provide initiatives to enrich the experience of Reed Scholars. 

Dr. Susan Cannata

Dr. Susan Cannata - Honors Program Coordinator, Professor, English

Office: 245 Noble Hall
Phone: 970-247-7132
email Dr. Cannata

Dr. Jennifer Gehrman-Seis

Dr. Jennifer Gehrman-Seis - Professor, English

Office: 239 Noble Hall
Phone: 970-247-7442
email Dr. Gehrman-Seis

Dr. Michele Malach

Dr. Michele Malach - Associate Professor, English and Women's Studies

Office: 237 Noble Hall
Phone: 970-247-7146
email Dr. Malach

Dr. John O'Neal

Dr. John O'Neal - Assistant Professor of Music

Office: 224 Jones Hall
Phone: 970-247-7148
email Dr. O'neal

Dr. Ryan Schwarz

Dr. Ryan Schwarz - Assistant Professor, Biology

Office: 445 Berndt Hall
Phone: 970-247-7396
email Dr. Schwarz

Dr. Matthew Welz

Dr. Matthew Welz - Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Office: 292 Education/Business Hall
Phone: 970-247-6191
Email: email Dr. Welz

Dr. Andrew Young

Dr. Andrew Young - Assistant Professor, Physics/Engineering

Office: 2766 Sitter Family Hall
Phone: 970-247- 6096
email Dr. Young