Honors Minor:

A student majoring in any discipline may complete an honors minor upon satisfactorily fulfilling the 23-credit requirements detailed below.

Honors Concentration:

Students who wish to be part of the Honors community but cannot complete the minor have the option to complete a 16-hour program that has transcript designation.

Core Courses (8 credits):

  • HON 100: Introduction to Honors* - 1 credit
  • HON 200: Contemporary - 3 credits
  • HON 450: Honors Capstone I - 1 credit
  • HON 451: Honors Capstone II - 3 credits

*This course fulfills the new Freshman Launch course requirement

Two LAC Honors Classes (6 credits)

Complete 2 LAC Honors classes (6 credits total)

  • COMP 253 Action Research (every Fall)
  • XXX (will vary each semester). This course and number will have the same prefix and number as the regular LAC course

Honors Topics (9 credits):

Complete a minimum of three (3) Honors Topic

  • HON 300 (3 credits):
    • Courses repeatable in the same semester
    • Course numbers repeatable up to 5 times


Honors Course Descriptions

HON 100: Introduction to Honors

This course introduces students to the Reed Honors Program, the Fort Lewis College campus, and the Durango community. Using student-driven inquiry as the basis for learning, this course addresses the concepts of community and community engagement, introduces students to strategies for exploring their communities, and leads them to identifying areas of further inquiry.

1 credit. Offered Fall

HON 200: Contemporary Issues

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to make intelligent and informed decisions as citizens of the various communities they inhabit. Students will study issues, problems, and events of contemporary society. Specific content will vary each semester.

3 credits. Offered Spring

HON 300: Honors Topics

Foregrounding intellectual and academic contributions to the public sphere, Honors Topics foster awareness of the variety of ways in which humans perceive and interact with their environments. Courses interpret community and community engagement in a variety of ways and include activities that enable community engagement, however that may be defined, e.g., direct community interaction, identification of community-specific issues.Topics vary.

3 credits. Offered Fall and Spring

HON 450: Honors Capstone I

Students identify the subject of Capstone Project and develop a project proposal that will be completed in HON 451. Capstone projects will be chosen from the following options:

  • a service-learning project
  • a campus dialogue
  • a creative project, or
  • a traditional thesis.

1 credit. Offered Fall

HON 451: Honors Capstone II

This course is a continuation of Honors Capstone I. Students will complete the project outlined in the Project Proposal developed in HON 450 and prepare for the required public presentation of their work.

3 credits. Offered Spring