Thursday, April 23, 2020

Reed Scholars Take Top Prizes in Oral Presentation at FLC's Undergraduate Research Symposium

Reed Honors was so well represented at FLC's Undergraduate Research Symposium with all seven of its graduating seniors presenting their Capstone Projects!

I am so pleased to announce that two Reed Scholars received awards for oral presentation:

  • Alyssa Begay won first prize for her oral presentation of her Honors Capstone project, entitled "Catching Up to the Dawn: A Memoir of a Reincarnated Navajo Voice” 
  • Josh Lingbloom won second prize for his oral presentation of his Honors Capstone project, entitled "Human Migrations as a Response to Arroyo-cutting on the Colorado Plateau”

Congratulations Alyssa and Josh! 

While Alyssa and Josh took the top prizes, five other soon-to-graduate Reed Scholars also did excellent work in presenting their capstone projects:

  • Spencer Busick, "Motivational Interviewing for Mentors Working with At-risk Youth"
  • Brooke Hampton, “Imagination Fuels the Future: The Value of Creative Problem-Solving for K-12 Students”
  • Julian Maissel “Examining the US Government's Unequal Treatment of Terrorist Threats”
  • K. Mariah Smith, “Dionysus at the Apollo: The Unique Power of Ecstasy, Madness, and Despair within Hip-hop"
  • Christina Stanton, "Confessions of a Cradle Catholic: A Memoir"

You can see all seven excellent presentations by visiting the symposium website.

Please extend your congratulations to these students. They worked very hard on the projects, did outstanding work, and have done Reed Honors proud!!

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